clearance of goods

Final clearance of goods is called to an effort by which the custom administration permits for clearance of the given goods and exit it from the custom office. It is obvious that the goods will be excluded from supervision of custom office after exiting goods from the custom related sites. As you know, due to complexity of this process, the imported commodity is usually discharged by a person rather than owner of goods and this process is so-called as clearance of goods. It is the clearance officer who does the tasks for giving of goods- related documents in all processes including insurance, bill of lading, invoice, certificate of origin, clearance document, and also documents of owners of goods such as commercial card and National ID Card. If you intend to import certain goods and this process is subject to receiving of permission and or license from certain organization that permission letter shall be surely enclosed to the documents. The method of drawing up declaration letter and the documents that should be enclosed to file of your goods for clearance from the custom office is a very complex and difficult process only commercial experts and advisor are capable to do this task. Due their familiarity with the related topics and rules for clearance of goods, the commercial experts of Azarakhash Avaye Bakhter International Transportation Company can be appropriate advisors and assistants for you. We are beside you in all trading transactions including final importation of goods and final clearance of commodity.